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Exclusive Tabby is bringing great brands and cat products to Australian cat households. Our range benefits cats of all ages, breeds, sizes & lifestyles. Our products are, high quality, stylish, modern, functional, and most important;

100% CAT-approved!!


We are the sole seller in Australia of: Kitty Holster Cat Harnesses, Jackson Galaxy Spirit Essences, The Cat Ball bed and Cat Canoe and many more...


Our goal is to make us your preferred site of pawsome cat products.


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What bed does your cat really want?  

The Cat Ball Bed & Cat Canoe Bed of course! Brand new designs in store now...





Kitty Holster Cat Harness - Navy Camo

$40.00 *
Delivery weight: 100 g

Amazing Kitty Lounge Sleeper

$22.00 *
Old price $28.00
In stock
Delivery weight: 520 g

Amazing Kitty Hooded Lounger

$30.00 *
Old price $38.00
In stock
Delivery weight: 580 g

Fat Cat Swat N Swing

$10.00 *
Old price $14.50
In stock
Delivery weight: 320 g

Wacky Birdie

$9.00 *
Old price $12.00
Delivery weight: 200 g

New Da Fur Pong (Pattern: Da Fur Pong)

$10.00 *
In stock
Delivery weight: 70 g

New Triangle Felt Mouse (Pattern: Felt Mouse)

$5.50 *
Old price $7.35
In stock
Delivery weight: 65 g
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