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Pets and owners agree, petting a pet is more enjoyable than brushing a pet. However, the Groom Genie™ combines both. Its unique bristles calm pets while gently unravelling tangles in hair and fur. Pets go from never wanting to be brushed, to never wanting it to end.

Better Bristles

  • Bristle design: Part of the real magic behind the Groom Genie brush is its unique tri-length bristle pattern which gently unravels knotted fur and hair, instead of pulling it.
  • Tension strength: The Groom Genie bristles are designed to give just enough in order to undo knots without pulling them, making the brushing experience feel more like petting than brushing.
  • Bristle colour: The dove grey colour of the bristles make it easy to see potential issues with a pet’s coat like pests and dried blood.



  • A better grip: The handle—or the lack thereof—of the Groom Genie is a unique paw shape design. Obviously, this was inspired by the pets this brush will brush, but the shape also has a function. The indentures formed by the paw create a natural and comfortable place to position fingers and palms for pet owners.
  • No handle. No problem: Without a handle, your hand can be closer to the fur/hair, creating instant reaction time to problem areas. Additionally, the handleless format allows for more even and thorough pressure with each stroke.



  • Healthy coats and relationships: With the Groom Genie, the brushing experience for a pet is more like being pampered than groomed – which allows you to brush your pet more effectively. The more you can brush your pet the more evenly natural oils will be distributed, leaving coat healthy and shiny.
  • Over too soon: Both you and your pet will get pleasure from sharing the brushing experience more often. This means they will stay less matted, their coats look better and you’ll have less hair on furniture and clothes. Enough said!



What kind of hair and fur does the Groom Genie work best on?

Whether you have a dog, cat, horse, or any other furry friend that needs to be brushed, the Groom Genie can work its magic. Brush frequently and you will not only see great changes in the hair or fur, but you'll build a wonderful, nurturing bond. There's also a great health benefit of brushing often as you'll be able to watch for and address bumps, excessive shedding, hot spots, bald spots, or anything else unusual about the fur or the skin, before it's a big problem. The specially designed light colour of the Groom Genie's bristles also shows dried blood, indicating fleas or other issues. Contact your vet if anything looks different than usual.


What is the best way to brush a cat and how often should I brush him or her?

SHORT-HAIRED CATS: It's a good idea to brush your short-haired cat at least a few times a week. Work the Groom Genie through your cat's fur from head to tail to remove dirt and debris and distribute the essential skin oils that keep your cat's coat healthy. Make sure to brush in the direction the coat grows; most cats get crabby when brushed in the other direction! Brush every body part, concentrating on one section at a time.

LONG-HAIRED CATS: Regular (ideally daily) grooming is important to keep knots at bay and remove dirt and debris, as well as work essential skin oils through your cat's coat. Work in sections by gently lifting up the top layer of fur with your hand and brushing underneath, then releasing and brushing the top layer. Finish by parting the tail down the middle and gently brushing out both sides.


How do I clean my Groom Genie?

The flexibility of our patented bristles makes cleaning as simple as brushing. Hair and fur lift right out, and the brush washes in seconds. Just use some dish detergent or your pets shampoo (especially if they have sensitive skin) and your Groom Genie will be perfectly clean.

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