NoBowl Feeder - Master Case

NoBowl Feeder - Master Case

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The NoBowl Feeding System™ is the world's first indoor hunting system and is changing the way that cats everywhere get their food. Use this set of five NoBowls to replace your food bowl and allow your cat to hunt in a natural and healthy way!



Here are the top 5 reasons people are buying The NoBowl Feeding System:

  1. They are looking for a way to engage their cat while they are not at home
  2. Their cat “scarf and barfs” at least once a week
  3. Their veterinarian recommended Environmental Enrichment for their cat
  4. Their cat wakes them up early looking for food
  5. They are looking for a way to feed in a portion-controlled way to maintain a healthy weight

Get to Know The NoBowl Feeding System

What separates the NoBowl Feeding System from other environmental enrichment products is that the NoBowl meets all of a cat’s needs during the eating process. The tactile design of the NoBowl Skin stimulates your cat’s natural use of its claws and teeth to fulfill its need to grip and play with its food.

  • The NoBowl Feeding System comes with a NoBowl Trainer (for the rookie Hunter) 5 NoBowls and a portion filler.
  • The NoBowl Feeding System is designed with a soft skin to simulate its prey. Cats love to pick it up and use their claws to enhance the experience. Its shape is designed to roll and move in the way a mouse or bird would. Cats are exhilarated without being scared by an unpredictable movement. Once trained, you portion out the day's food between the 5 NoBowls and then hide them. Your cat will hunt, play, eat and then rest until hunger stimulates her to go hunting again... just like in nature.”


Helpful Hints

Make sure you and your cat are getting the most out of your NoBowl Feeding System!
Fun things
As your cat becomes an advanced hunter, have fun with him/her. As you hide the 5 daily NoBowls. get creative about hiding places. You can put a NoBowl into an empty tissue box, inside of a brown paper shopping bag (cut off the handles for safety), or inside a shoebox. Make sure to refill all 5 of the NoBowls daily. If a hiding spot is not uncovered, make it easier so your cat is sure to get his/her complete daily rations.
Multi-Cat house
The NoBowl Feeding System™ is the solution to meet all of your cat’s natural needs. Even in the multi-cat household, each cat deserves to have its hunting needs met. Our users report that The NoBowl Feeding System™ reduces fights between cats and increases happiness for all of the cats in the household. 
Cats can be shy
Some cats need privacy to transition onto The NoBowl Feeding System™. Try leaving your cat alone overnight with The NoBowl Trainer to give him/her some private time to explore and try it out. Don’t forget to pick up the food dish (so it is not a distraction) and add a favorite treat or two to The NoBowl Trainer.
Cats are sensitive to noise
Cats may be scared by noises that are routine to you and me. Avoid placing a NoBowl next to heaters, washing machines, dryers and other household items that may produce noises that are unpredictable and may scare your cat.
The Nose Knows
Cats have an incredibly sensitive sense of smell. Your cat will use its sense of smell to hunt and find NoBowls. There are smells that cats dislike and are best to avoid - particularly citrus. In fact, for better outcomes, try using lavender soap instead of citrus to clean your cat’s items.
Food and Water Don’t Mix
Increased water consumption is healthy for cats. Studies show that cats drink more water when their water is placed in a separate location from their food. Once your cat is fully transitioned onto The NoBowl Feeding System, hide your NoBowls away from your cat’s water source for increased health and wellness.
What about my dog?
Sorry pooches, it’s not for you! The NoBowl Feeding System™ is not safe for dogs. Even cats who live with dogs deserve to have the benefits of hunting. There are simple ways to meet the needs of all of the animals in your care.
Cats are solitary hunters. They want to hunt and eat alone. In fact, one of the greatest sources of distress for cats is having to eat in the presence of a dog. Simply confine your cat to a dog-free space, like a bedroom with the door closed, for hunting time. This way you are meeting all of the natural needs of your cat and still allowing your dog free run of the rest of the house.
Does your cat wake you up too early in the morning for food?
Save two of the five NoBowls each day and hide them before you go to sleep. (Make sure to set your alarm, because your cat alarm likely will not go off! Zzzzz…)
Does your cat scarf and barf?
Does your cat gobble up its food and then barf it back up? The NoBowl contains a small portion of the daily food and releases the food in a gradual manner. This forces your cat to slow down and should eliminate scarf and barf!



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