Wand Toys

Wand Toys

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Wand toys let cat owners customise play actions for their own cat and all this exercise is excellent for your cat's well-being (both physically and emotionally).

Spice up your cat's wand toy play session by rotating wand attachments.

Always end your wand toy play session with a 'kill', so let your cat catch and chew on it for a bit before putting away.

Every cat toy-box should include at least one (if not two) wands for the ultimate feline work out.





Product variations
Da Bird Wand
Designs: Da Bird Wand
$17.00 *
Da Ball Wand
Designs: Da Ball Wand
$13.25 *
Da Cat Catcher Wand
Designs: Da Cat Catcher Wand
$13.25 *
Da Wild Wand
Designs: Da Wild Wand
$14.95 *
Da Butterflier
Designs: Da Butterflier
$14.95 *
Original Feather refill
Designs: Original Feather refill
$8.50 *
Da Wild Thing refill
Designs: Da Wild Thing refill
$7.50 *
Super Feather refill
Designs: Super Feather refill
$9.20 *
Da Fur Fun refill
Designs: Da Fur Fun refill
$8.95 *
Da Kitty Puff refill
Designs: Da Kitty Puff refill
$7.50 *
Da Rat Refill
Designs: Da Rat Refill
$7.50 *
Da Sparkler refill
Designs: Da Sparkler refill
$7.50 *
Fat Cat Catfisher
Designs: Fat Cat Catfisher
$8.50 *
Cat Dancer Cat Charmer
Designs: Cat Dancer Cat Charmer
$9.00 *
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